Shweta & Ameya’s marathi wedding at Garden court, Pune

Ameya & Shweta wedding took place at the wonderful Garden court lawns in Pune. The place has an expanse overlooking the city and many a places to photograph!

Shweta hails from Aurangabad & Ameya from Mumbai. They planned their wedding in Pune! We instantly got connected for our love of Pu. La. Deshpande and things rolled positively. We discussed and finalized details via whatsapp calls eventually forming a great connect. I met them on the eve of the wedding day. We roamed around the property, we laughed, we joked, got some wonderful photographs! The comfort zone they share, the happiness they bring when they are together is exquisite!

The evening had a very warm vibe with close friends and family gathered together who had planned performances and some secret revelations by old friends got the evening going.

Early mornings in Pune during winters especially at Garden court are extremely cold. To have two cups of chai ready at the venue is joy that can’t be compared! Or as Pula would say “sala 100% god sala, khara god bhi asa naai”. As I walked through the door I was extremely happy to see the make-up was already on the way. Nishigandha who is hands down one of the finest make-up artists and a very good friend in Pune was already doing her magic. Shweta was looking ethereal as she was transformed in a beautiful Marathi bride to be. We were greeted by the morning sun as we made stunning portraits together.

It was wonderful day to photograph a wedding. The mood was relaxed, easy and jovial the entire day. They were both in their exuberant spirits all day long.

One of my other fond memory is meeting Shweta’s niece ~ Kaveri, holding her yellow kitchen set. Coincidentally my daughter’s name is Kaveri, they both are almost of the same age & she has the exact same yellow color kitchen set!!

A big shoutout to Shweta & Ameya for being super cool humans and to trust my vision and my style. It’s been a privilege to have met you, spend two days with you, your wonderful families and to call you friends.

Make-up Artist – Nishigandha Nishigandha Salon
Location – Garden court, Pune

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