Hello. My name is Girish Joshi, I’m a wedding photographer based out of Pune

Attempting to capture honest & authentic moments in weddings

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Your story is worth sharing

It’s amazing of you folks to drop by! All these wonderful memories that you see here live through couples like you who have entrusted me to cover your day. Imagine this place without any of that? Just a blank boring website. I love weddings. I love people and the entire ensemble that makes it all worthwhile. Do stick around, have a look. Hope we are perfect fit!

I love watching football, playing games on the pc, chai, puns & dad jokes. This is just a tiny bit of me. If you want to know what makes me click (no pun intended) head over and read more about me.

I also photograph food, architecture & portraits. If you are interested have a look at commercial work.

Wedding films

Wedding films are now an integral part of my wedding deliverables along with photography. Making all the beautiful moments in movement is a skill that we’ve slowly honed. Staying true to my style, essence of a film will always be “truly authentic & absolutely about you”

Check out the YouTube page for more such amazing wedding videos.