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Nandita & Amol’s Marathi wedding at Vishnukrupa, Pune

When Nandita & I spoke for the first time regarding her wedding plans she insisted that her father was looking for someone who uses Nikon. Having covered more than 100 weddings I’m used to this notion but she wasn’t joking. Her father was insistent that the photographer used Nikon gear. He had even spoken to a photographer who used canon and dismissed him after their initial talk :P

Nandita & Madhura are the best of friends and it was Madhura (who’s wedding I had covered) who referred her to my work. We met and I instantly knew the wedding was going to be one big fun event and I had to be there to cover to it! Nandita and her mom were cool, chilled, relaxed and absolutely wonderful when we first met. We spoke at length about them, the wedding & her father’s love for Nikon. Her mother is one of the most coolest mum’s I’ve met. She is a baker, a dog mom & loves her daughter immensely.

Nandita and Amol’s wedding took place at Vishnukrupa Hall, Pune. The place might not have lavish lawns, huge gardens or hotel star rooms but the vibe and the light is just beautiful. It’s a spacious venue with gorgeous decor.

I met Amol for first time during the wedding but have heard a lot about him via Nandita. They both are gamers which connected us as well. He supports New castle, (well I don’t have much to say there :P) But the love for football definitely is the best thing ever! They are a perfect mix for each other and their personalities blend beautifully.

The wedding began with Simanti poojan which was more like a get together of families and friends flown down from all over the world for the wedding. I finally met Nandita’s father and I knew right away there were tons of moments in store during the wedding that would fill the venue with happiness. The wedding began early morning with Nandita’s getting ready. For the first time ever I finally met a bride who wasn’t ready for a lipstick … because it tickled her a lot :D

The only time I saw Anjali (Nandita’s mom) a bit emotional was on the wedding day. Especially during Mangalashtaka. Amol’s niece was a star during a so moments of the wedding as few of her tales bowled the guruji over as well. There are so many moments of the wedding that bring a smile across my face his neice, mangalsutra, kaan pili, couple portraits, moments with her father and mother, a kiss from her grandma after the wedding .. endless moments that I’m lucky to have captured for them.

Since the time we met and until today I’ve seen so much love and a great relation that Nandita shares with her parents. They are more like friends! And Amol is a great addition to this happy team and wonderful souls. Nandita, her mom & I often talk over the phone more like friends rather than just a photographer who had cover her wedding. I’m now eagerly waiting for Anjali to come over from Banglore so that I can head over to their house to savor the gorgeousness that she has baked.  Nandita, Anjali, Vivek & Amol .. I’m incredibly lucky to have met you, be there to document your most precious moments and to call you my friends for a lifetime.

Location – https://vishnukrupahall.com/

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