Pre wedding shoot

Neha & Vikrant’s winter morning pre wedding shoot at Girivan

A pleasant winter morning, lot of breeze and tons of love that these two have for each other. We reached one of my favorite locations close to Hadshi for their pre wedding shoot very early and we were in for a treat. Sometimes everything falls into place and luck favors the brave. Perfect weather we could have asked for! We reached early to meet the sun as it rose over the mountains and get some wonderful photos as we basked in the light. Thanks to a jet that flew above us while we were busy laughing and making photos and which gave some pretty awesome lines on a lovely blue sky. We then to a break went to Girivan had some hot, fresh alloo paratahs for breakfast! Fresh with our tummies full we got back to some photos. Gorgeous mountain backdrops, tall green trees made it all worth getting up at 4am!

See more of this pre-wedding photo shoot below

Locations – Hadshi & Girivan holidays pune

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