Sonia & Siddharth’s laughter filled Marathi wedding at Pune

“Always marry the person with whom you laugh the most! :)”
And that’s exactly what they did. It’s the best way to sum up the entire day.

I met Sonia for the first time to finalize the details we met at McDonalds (first time I’ve ever met someone there to discuss about their wedding .. :P)

Fast forward .. Sangeet. I met Siddarth for the first time and was mind blown of his talent as an artist and someone who has energy that’s pumped in at regular basis. Sonia is also an amazing singer. She looks calm and quite but is power packed as he is. Together they can give the best in the business a run for their money. It was a power packed sangeet where their nieces danced like pro’s! and Siddharth’s entire family dancing to Bollywood numbers which were choreographed by his sister who stays in US with everyone via .. skype! Trust me when I say this .. not one person missed a step. Mind blowing! Then came the dance party where it was absolute blasttt.

Wedding day! December weddings in Pune are a bliss. Cool weather & fantastic light. Especially with a location which has ample place and light. And it becomes perfect the couple is ready well in time that too early morning. I haven’t seen anyone having so much fun at their wedding. Really. These two have literally laughed all through the wedding. Enjoyed each moment thoroughly. It was a joy ride for anyone present. Right from the start till end of the reception.

I’d absolute fun being with these two. Thank you so much for all the wonderful moments and memories that we’ve made together.

Venue – Sangeet- Garden court & Wedding – Siddhartha Palace, Pune
Makeup – Nishigandha Kavade

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