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Devayani & Sagar’s Aussie-Indian marathi wedding in Pune

Devayani and Sagar are two of the coolest, happiest, loveliest humans I’ve met and consider luck to call them friends. We do keep hopping onto each other’s social media accounts as well to say hello :D and I envy Sagar cause he recently met and took a photograph with the awesome Matt Preston!

I must say they are one of awesomest couples as well. They kept photography as their first priority (remember him saying that during the wedding as well). These two contacted me first somewhere in April for their December 2016 wedding in Pune. Two of them with their family and friends from all over the world flew down to to Pune for their wedding.  Everyone was ready well before time so we could some super super couple portraits before the ceremonies began. If there was one bride I would not stop making black and whites images of it would be Devayani. The traditional Marathi attire she looked stunning! While Sagar had his grandfather’s 50 year shawl. That’s something I must say! They both were super easy in the front of the camera. They rocked their morning portraits. Big time! One of my favourite bridal portrait has come from their wedding which you’ll see. There ceremony was a breeze with everyone having a ball. Smiles..laughter..happiness positively contagious!

I generally don’t post much of simanti & dinner shots. But with this I make an exception. There was a certain vibe during the Simanti dinner where all them were happily a part of. It wasn’t just people having dinner and going away. Sagar and his brother then took the serving in their hands :D to end the day on a happy note ;)

A big big hug to these two and a big shout out to their lovely family especially their parents for being so wonderful and having me over.

There’s so much more I can write but I think I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Location – Siddharth Palace, Pune (I love this place!, no this not a sponsored post :P)

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