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Akanksha & Vikram’s Malayalam wedding at RSI, Pune

Akanksha and Vikram tied the knot among friends and loved ones at RSI, Pune. It was a pleasant day and I was looking forward to making some wonderful photos. The sun was up and it wasn’t raining. I have one of my favorite father-daughter photos as he was photographing Akanksha while she was getting ready. Timelines were perfectly managed. So we plenty of lot of time to make couple and family portraits before and even post lunch.

Vikram and his family reached the venue thus began a traditional Kerala wedding with his welcome. It was a breeze of a wedding. Especially when the couple is absolutely relaxed and are enjoying their day in between all the hustle of an Indian wedding.

I met Akanksha and her brother during our earlier meetings, waiting for Vikram to return home from his ship duties. We three met for lunch and spoke of almost all topics under the sun. We hit it off like old friends meeting after a ages. They looked perfect together! Akanksha is a natural when it comes to taking photographs and Vikram is bit camera shy. But Akanksha around he truly found his sweet spot and they worked their magic.

We also covered their Grihapravesh and were treated with hot cup of chai & some keralite delicacies :D Yay! as it drizzled outside.

I recently got to know that Akanksha bakes some tasty cakes :P .. I can’t wait to gobble up one soon .. (Akanksha… are you listening :P)

Vikram and Siddharth are best of friends and decided to book me after he saw Soniya & Siddharth’s wedding. Take a a look at Soniya & Siddharth’s wedding

Location – South Indian Wedding, RSI, Camp

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