Greeshma & Abhishek’s tambram-mallu wedding in Pune

I remember the very first time I met Greeshma with her friend Ashwini over a cup of coffee and I didn’t know how and when three hours flew by. We spoke like we were childhood friends who met after years together and have tons to share. She is hardcore Chelsea fan! We had coffee(s), we laughed and we spoke studies, parents, life, social life, Abhishek, how they met, how they decided to get married within an year of knowing each other and almost any topic that we would under the sun. They both stay and work in Banglore. Greeshma is from Banglore and the wedding was to happen here.

It was Kerala – Malayalam wedding. Greeshma insisted on wear her Bharatnatyam outfit. She looked absolutely beautiful in it. Abhishek has a very fun loving, cool personality which is a great match to Greeshma. Wedding began with Greeshma’s getting ready at her home. Giving me sneek peak into the strong emotional bond that Greeshma and her mother share. Most of the Kerala-Malayalam weddings I’ve covered are pretty simple and short. But even then there are so many emotions that one goes through. I’m glad I could be there and witness the two getting married among their family and friends. I had seen the fun side of but during the course of the dayI got to see the emotional side of Greeshma as well.

A big thank you to both of you for being patient, being yourselves, having fun the whole day and for sharing your wonderful day with me. Even though we haven’t spoken for sometime lives I always smile when I think of that wonderful time we 3 spent when we first met for a cup of coffee.

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