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Shruti & Swaraj’s Maharashtrian wedding in Pune

The wedding functions began with Vyahi bhojan followed by pooja at Shruti’s residence with close family. Post the pooja we took photos of Shruti and family in their element. The “Air guitar” photo with her atya will always be one of my favorite photos! A super cool family giving their best and having loads of fun! The Mehendi was just her dearest friends & cousins who has traveled from Australia. I had a blast during the few hours I was around. Laughter, silly jokes & a some wonderful expressions from Shruti were the best of the lot.

I met Swaraj on the wedding eve & I instantly knew the two are perfectly made for each other. The bond they share, the mad-fun element they are in when they are together, the breathtaking positive energy they bring just blew me away! Having spoken to them and discussed almost everything via phones & emails I knew what was in store. Shurti & Swaraj both are absolutely fun loving humans whom I’m glad to have met and lucky to call friends. Swaraj is from Trombay and he came along with his childhood friends. Shrtui’s parents set the tone of Sangeet with their amazing performance followed by friends, family and a free for all dance party where everyone shook a leg. A few photos we made post sangeet just shows how wonderful these two are! They were beyond tired and yet had the energy and expressions to make some lovely photos.

The wedding began with make-up & couple portraits. The max I could get was 4 photos where they remained still and a little bored :P I think before we were back to merry making! As the ceremonies progressed and the chanting became a bit complicated .. humor ensued.

I still love the last photo we took. Tired beyond mentioning after 4 days of functions, rituals and 4 am alarms they still managed to give me a photo that still makes me smile remembering the “action pose” they took for a photo exactly they way they wanted before we called it a day.

I’m fortunate I’m to be a wedding photographer as I am able to meet & spend a few days with my couple and their families, to be welcomed with warms hearts and be a part of their journey, to have lot of fun & to make memories for them for a lifetime.

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