Niharika & Mayur’s Kannada Marathi wedding in Siddharth palace Pune

Niharika & Mayur are both based in America. And as with a lot of couples most of our earlier communication happened either via emails or with her parents. Infact they it turned out that that stay very close to my house and I met her folks couple of times to understand the wedding plans. Only a few days before the wedding I met Niharika and we spoke a lot about their story.

Mayur hails from Banglore and traveled to Pune just a few days before the wedding. The entire wedding was at a relaxed pace. Most of the vidhis were omitted including a traditional simanti poojan. The Kannada Marathi wedding was more of a get together with a completely relaxed vibe. The wedding day we met a super excited, beautiful Niharika in a bright yellow-red traditional Maharashtrian saree. Mayur wore a traditional Kannadiga outfit. They both look stunning together and we made tons of photos together. The wedding was followed by Reception in the evening. Once again these two bought the best out and look super dapper!

Niharika initially contacted me after seeing Shruti & Kaustub’s wedding photos. They both are school friends and that’s how the initial connect happened.

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