Me & my family

Hello. I’m Girish.

I’m father to an adorable baby girl Kaveri who’ll soon turn 7. Deepa and I are married since December 24th 2006 . Her unconditional support is why I’m able to do what I love. She is my biggest fan and my biggest critic. We live in Pune our call this city our home. Deepa and I are born and raised in Mumbai. That’ll always be our first home and a place that has our calling.

Deepa loves her strong filter coffee, Mumbai sandwiches & reading books. She is a German language translator and a major Kishore kumar fan. Kaveri love her pizza’s, eats anything that is sweet, games, friends, playing forever in gardens and a lot more. Presently she is hooked on to Puss in the Boots & the board game, Game of Life.

I am an avid gamer who loves watching animated movies, scribbling on a paper, I miss my G.I.Joe and He-Man figurines. Pizza and espresso are god sent! I am a Star wars, Lord of the rings & Pirates of the Caribbean franchise fan. I’m always listening to Music. I’ve been a rock, heavy metal fan for years. Football is a game close to my heart. Lame jokes, dad jokes and puns are my thing. I’m always cracking a joke or two during photo sessions.

I received my first point and shoot camera almost 12 years ago from Deepa. That in real sense started my photography journey. I took that camera everywhere. Photographing everything I could. I took a lot bad pictures and a if I was lucky a few good ones. The experience taught me a lot about photography and patience. While learning different aspects of photography I found myself to be good at telling stories of human connections and photographing food. Both genres are extremely different and both have taught me a lot. One helped me become a better listener and a person while the other has helped me fall in love with all varieties of delicious food!

I would love to hear from you. Your story, your wedding day plans and what interests you when it comes to photography.

Every story is unique and to document real life in a creative and artful way motivates me every day

Your wedding

Destination wedding photographer Sangli Belguam

Your wedding day is all about you and how you want it to be. I always strive hard to make imagery that you will cherish forever. I create images that you would treasure. For me your wedding is the most important thing. It’s important that you are relaxed and You enjoy every moment cause the day is going to be very busy and go by faster than you think. Be assured that I am going to be there and be around you. Sometimes taking photos, talking to you, making jokes, helping you move around and gulping a quick glass of hot piping chai.

For me wedding photography is all about capturing your wedding day in the best possible way. I’m here to grab happy moments, silly moments, jokes, laughter, an odd loud burp, kids laughing and running around, your sister just managing her makeup and reaching to you before the ceremony begins, your best friend wiping of a tear cause she cannot control her happiness, the way both of you smile at each other, your father gently patting your back or groom stealing a quick peck on the cheek, bride getting ready, a groom sharing a joke with his friends, an emotional moment when father & mother watch their daughter taking pheras, moments during the ceremonies, those stolen glances, the buzz, shouts, laughter and many more moments that are part of your day for you. I won’t rush you for a photograph, no need to have a mock ritual or fake a smile during ceremonies. Being unobtrusive, I let the events unfold around me.

I’m here to tell your story. In a way that’s most meaningful to you. I want to know your story. How we connect is the second most important aspect that’ll hep me create beautiful photos. The first will forever be the love that you two share.