About Kids & Birthday photography

It’s about capturing those incredible moments in your family, the small and the big ones, the smiles, the giggles and the moments of love and care that make your family special. I strive to keep these sessions full of fun and very relaxed. There is a lot of running around, cuddling, jumping, laughing and doing everything that you like and enjoy as a family. I encourage children to run around and have fun and be silly and mainly let them be “children”.

I let Mom & Dad be together and watch their kids play and spend some time together while I take photographs that are unique, beautiful and genuine that you will treasure forever. Family photo sessions are a perfect way to capture those precious times as a family. All you have to do is relax & have fun while I take pictures.

Birthday’s are always special. Especially if they are the 1st of the 5th. Lot of friends, relatives, games, cake & presents! make it special. I enjoy photographing this phase or a child & the family as they grow together.

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