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Weddings & Food photography are an integral part of what I do. In the last few months I’ve have gone back to my roots with photographing interiors. Before I became a full time wedding & food photographer I’d a 3d renderings studio providing real life renderings to clients all over the world. I have always been wanting to foray into this field. One thing let to the next and I’ve started photographing interiors.

When I began photography as an hobby I used to roam around the streets and taking portraits of strangers. Talking to them, spending time with them and learning their story gave me the confidence which laid down the foundation for weddings. I’ve been slowly honing the skills and converting it into commercial portrait work.

Photographing food given me the patience to work for hours behind a single shot whilst arranging and moving every prop on the set. I’ve been working towards photographing products by creating more sets and creating  photographs by arranging, gathering props that make the entire story.

Here’s a little insight of what some of the work that I’ve have been fortunate to make.

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