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Smriti & Abhishek

We were referred to Girish by one of our friends. Girish was the photographer at one of our best friend’s wedding and we found their wedding photos to be really awesome. We didn’t take too much time to decide who will be covering our wedding. It was Girish! He is a really genuine person who loves what he is doing and that can be clearly seen from his work. He is responsive, understanding and everything you expect someone covering a wedding to be. The quality of his work is unbelievably good. He promised us that it will be candid photography and that’s exactly what it was! We never felt that someone was covering the event but at the end, when we got our photos, Girish had managed to capture some absolutely beautiful moments because he just knows where to be at the right time. When you look at some photos you spend a couple of minutes thinking about all the good times you had. Girish gives you thousands of such photos. So, if you want someone who is going to make you look through all your wedding photos more than 20 times because you can’t get enough then Girish is your guy!

Devyani & Sagar

Photography has been our passion and one of the topics which connected us both. From the beginning, we knew we wanted to get the best photographer for our wedding, and who else could we go for but Girish! When we saw his website and gallery of images, we knew he would be the ideal photographer to capture those precious moments. Girish does photography with a real passion and we saw how much he enjoyed our wedding. He was before time on all occasions and made us feel so relaxed throughout the portraits session and the entire wedding. During the ceremony we didn’t have to pause and look at the camera and didn’t realise how easy he made it feel, which means a lot to us. After we received our web version of pictures, our friends asked us where did u find Girish, he’s the best we have seen for any wedding shoot. Looking back at the wedding pictures and remembering our fun experience with Girish, we were assured it was one of the best decisions of our wedding. Hence, we highly recommend him for your next big event as we are sure Girish will make it extra special with his love for photography, audience and the brilliance of his work.

Anuja & Harshal

I guess every couple has tremendous expectations about their wedding day and the wedding photographs thereby. And Harshal and I were no exception to this. It was a big moment for us, a life-changing one and we wanted someone who understood us to be in charge of our important day. I am so very glad that you had this responsibility Girish! You let us be ourselves and did not go crazy with weird and awkward couple poses (a BIG THANKS for that!). I must have looked at the photos at least 5 times till now and I see something new each time. Some moment during the sangeet or wedding which I had missed because I was so immersed in the chaos, has been beautifully captured by you. It is priceless to see such moments in print!

I am an old-school girl who still values and loves photographs more than videos and each and every photo you took tells a little story about our wedding day. That is exactly what we wanted from our wedding photographs and you made it happen! I love the getting-ready photos, our couple photos and the vidhi photos and the sangeet photos (so animated and lively!). So basically I am trying to tell you that I LOVED all of them :D

Thank you for making me look like the beautiful image of the bride that I had always dreamt of!:) :) :)

Radhika & Aditya

Although we had already been working towards the big day, our wedding preparations began last year when we started to look for a photographer. This was no easy feat, considering the fact that our wedding was to be held in Pune – a city neither of us were very familiar with and where we did not have many contacts who could help us in our search. So when we came across Girish’s webpage, something immediately clicked for us – we knew that he was the photographer we were looking for. Not only were we impressed with his photos, which looked visually stunning, were well timed and beautifully lit, but we were also immediately drawn to the genuine personality that came through in his writing.

When we spoke to him and started getting to know him, all our guesses were confirmed! Girish is such a warm and genuine person, that we bonded straightaway over our mutual love for chai (and lame jokes). So when we met him, we felt like we had known him for years. Girish has a knack for understanding couples’ stories and capturing them in a way that is beautiful and meaningful to them. Every picture tells their story, and our photos were no different.

Apart from being warm, funny and talented, Girish is professional beyond all doubt. He always went the extra mile for us, which was often beyond what was asked of him. He painstakingly accommodated our desires and those of our families. This dedication (not just to us, but also to his art) is apparent in the incredible photos that he delivered for us. Weddings are inherently quite stressful but being so easy-going and calm, Girish managed to put us at ease throughout our events.

Over the course of our wedding events, Girish became a great friend, and our entire troupe from Sydney thoroughly enjoyed joking and laughing with him. Given the fact that they only interacted with him over the course of 3-4 days, this is absolutely incredible! We are so pleased that we found Girish during our search for a photographer. We can say without a doubt that our wedding experience would have been vastly diminished had we not stumbled across his website. All-in-all, we cannot recommend Girish enough – as a fantastic photographer who has now become a wonderful friend.

Nandita & Amol

Girish Joshi! My saviour with a Nikon :D

I was horrified when I saw my engagement pictures, to the point that I felt a tinge when I had to show them to someone.

A friend of mine recommended Girish to me for my wedding and when I checked out his pictures and Instagram handle, I was surprised! We had spoken to a lot of photographers who didn’t pass the litmus test with my dad. A short conversation with Girish, and my dad was convinced – especially since he had a Nikon ;)!

The pictures have beautifully captured the moments – between me and Amol; between a mother and a daughter; between a granddaughter and grandmother; and the most important, a bonding between a. daughter and her father!

We, Joglekars & Amol, want to thank Girish Joshi for being able to capture our wedding moments so beautifully! He is our go-to person now for all future events!

Thanks Girish!

Tanvi & Nishikant

We first met Girish in January, 2015 to discuss our pre-wedding photo shoot. The discussion which ensured over a cup of coffee not only made us feel at ease, but also convinced us that we were in safe hands. Girish was systematic and detailed in making us understand what we could expect from a pre-wedding photo shoot, and made us feel content with his professionalism.

The pre-wedding photo shoot was in Pune at a place which made us feel comfortable, and gave us fabulous and full-of-love photos. Girish suggested some of the most endearing poses for us, the photos of which we cherish till today. Not an instance goes by when we look back at these photos and marvel at the amazing photographer which Girish is.

The wedding itself was a day of confusion. However, none of this bothered Girish. He was there on time, from the beginning, and brilliantly captured some of the most mesmerizing moments among the happy chaos. Girish stayed on till the end, and we were happy that he did…capturing the beautiful moments till vidaai.

Girish is a fabulous photographer, and a great friend. We would definitely recommend him, and have been doing so to all the love-struck couples.

Priyadarshani & Anshul

This man and his team are excellent at their job! Very professional, and absolutely brilliant output! We were thrilled to see the photographs, such beautifully captured memories! And the best thing is they don’t miss a single important moment. What you may tend to forget during & after the wedding madness, you will be pleasantly surprised & pleased to find in the pictures. A keen eye for detail and so passionate about their work- it shows! Thank you Girish! Keep up the great work!