Mukta & Prathmesh’s Maharashtrian wedding at Siddharth palace

I met Prathmesh during his sister’s wedding and I was absolutely thrilled when Mukta & Prathmesh decided to have me photograph their engagement ceremony & wedding. These two had rocked their Engagement dance & I was looking forward to the Sangeet! It was a great evening with dances from Prathmesh, his mother followed by their cousins and friends. Due to a hairline fracture Mukta did not join until the last moment when she did shake a leg with with Prahtmesh then even sang a wonderful song (talented girl! I must say).

A big beautiful smile and an extremely heart warming personality Mukta can brighten up any place and get make it lively with her positivity. Prathmesh took me by surprise with his poise and comfort when I was taking his photos which was completely opposite to the engagement day. Guess being with Mukta worked like charm :D. It was a walk in the park to photograph them together during both the days.

The wedding day was a traditional Maharashtrian ceremony with some happy, fun and emotional moments. The bond Mukta & her father share will always bring a smile on my face . I was lucky to capture these wonderful memories for them and I do remember an instance where he said to me, “Girish, when Mukta smiles she closes her eyes, check the photo and please take a few more photos of her”.

Here’s a selection of photos from the two wonderful days I spent with them and their families.

Makeup – Sanika Bapat
Venue – Siddharth Palace
(I’ve photographed a lot of wedding at Siddarth palace :P)

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