Viha and Shrijeet | Wedding photographer Pune

Another fusion wedding of all sorts! A girl hailing from Bareily, north indian city & a south indian boy, falling in love and getting married in Pune, west of India. They pretty much covered 3/4 of India ;) The wedding was done in a Malayalam style. I love south indian weddings! Such beautiful variety of flowers, beautiful lamp stands, incense sticks, aroma of flowers, and all of this arranged in the most wonderful way.

Viha and Sonal were colleagues worked. After seeing Sonal’s wedding images, Viha asked me to cover her wedding. We exchanged emails for a long time discussing, skyping with Viha and Shrijeet over their wedding plans. I met her a few days before the wedding and I was so excited to meet her! She is such a loving person, full of energy, another bride to be with a BIG smile and a heart of gold. Shrijit came across to be a little shy, reserved and calm opposite of what Viha is but they are a perfect fit! So much love in between them. When I saw the transformation of this North Indian girl into South Indian bride, I was blown away. She looked so pretty in the traditional south Indian saree. Shrijeet was all smart and handsome in his Mundu (dhoti) a traditional south indian wedding dress. Such an exciting day! A day filled with love and happiness.

After the wedding I met them again for the reception at the RSI Laws, Pune. Such an amazing place to be. In the heart of Cantonment area, trees everywhere. Perfect location. Had a great time taking pictures and being around an entire group of army officers. Viha’s father being a retired colonel, people are all over had come to wish the couple.

Thanks Viha and Shrijit for having me around to document your lovely wedding! Another thing I can’t forget was the hearty and tasty lunch after the wedding. Pure south Indian meal of all sorts! Loved it.