Pooja and Sandip | Wedding photographer Pune

This is going to be one of those long posts! I’ve known Sandip for a few years now as he was Deepa’s office colleague. Staying in the same locality we did hang around sometimes. Later on due to long work hours and extensive travel time we didn’t meet for quite a while. Sandip called me one day and announced that the wedding dates were fixed and wanted me to cover his wedding! We met up and talked about hiss wedding plans. He had already decided that I was to cover his wedding and had complete faith in what I do. I simply couldn’t say no.

He is genuinely a good guy, a great friend to have. He would do everything possible to help a friend. A tech geek and bike fan at heart. Pooja and I met on the day of the wedding. We spoke for a few minutes before she rushed ahead for the wedding. She was a such a wonderful person to talk to. I could see they had a great bond together. Perfect match these two! It’s so awesome to see the couple, parents and everyone having a great time. Silly jokes being cracked and laughter all around, including the bhatji (preist)!!

They planned their day so wonderfully that we had plenty of time to take pictures. Before and after wedding. They got married at The WestIn, Pune. It’s has such amazing locations, I could shoot there forever. These two were naturals and we ended up getting lovely images.

It was absolute joy to be with Sandip’s family one day before to cover a few rituals and loads of fun family pictures. A huge shout out of love to Sandip’s parents for making me a part of their family. And to Sandip and Pooja for believing in me and letting me cover their wedding day.