Nameeta and Kalyan | Candid wedding photographer Pune

Nameeta and I exchanged a few emails and met over coffee to talk more about her wedding plans. I was very excited to cover her wedding. I get to be a part of weddings which have different rituals or “vidhis”. To learn new ways, cultures to meet people and learn something from them. Nameeta and Kalyan were getting married in a Telugu wedding ceremony. Being a Kannadiga myself and stayed in Hyderbad in my college years I’ve seen and attended a few weddings as guest (I hardly get the oppurtunity now days, not that I complaining :P) So a few vidhis were known to me. But everthing is new and you need to be on your toes when you cover a wedding with new rituals, to make sure you get all the pictures without missing a moment.

Nameeta and her parents have been residing in Pune for decades and speak Marathi as well. Kalyan is from Kaddappa, a town in Andra pradesh, India. They travelled to Pune for the wedding including the preist who would get these two married. The wedding took place in Pune close to Nameeta house. Fesitivites began with Mehendi ceremony at her house. It’s amazing how much patience brides have, to sit for more than 6 hours to have Henna drawn on their hands. Close family, friends, aunts and cousins were a part of this. Everyone got Henna on their hands. I got a few pictures of Nameeta before the function began. She looked so pretty!

The wedding functions began with Engagement and Haldi, evening before the big day. Lot’s of fun moments, lot of energy everywhere. Wedding day saw a few pictures of Nameeta all dressed in their traditional attire. Kalyan was ready in his traditional “dhoti” all set to woo his bride. They got married among family and friends, who were present to wish them the best for their wonderful life. Post the wedding rituals we got some wonderful pictures with these two. It’s amazing how a pair of sunglasses can get you some fun images!

Thanks to Nameeta & Kalyan for having me around and being a part of their wonderful day.