Pratibha and Raghu | Couple shoot Mumbai | Candid wedding photographer Mumbai

Meeting a couple before their couples session or wedding is opportunity for all of us to know each other. Get along well, share stories and become friends. It also helps on the actual day of the shoot as we are more of friends than strangers. But a lot of times I’ve had communication through emails and calls discussing and finalizing dates of shoot and meeting my couple few minutes before. These two are good friends with Chaitali and Amod (their pre wedding shoot photos). They loved what they saw and decided to book a session. Pratibha and Raghu got married in Chennai and headed out of Mumbai at his brothers place to stay for a few days before they went to United States. I couldn’t cover their wedding but I was excited when they booked me for a post wedding. Shoot was planned on a February morning. The day turned out to be excellent. Early morning, cool weather and sun about rise. Perfect! Central Park in Kharghar is a great place to be. I couldn’t believe we’ve such places in right in the city.

These two are genuinely wonderful people. So much of love and happiness. I have laughed so much it was a joy ride. Pratibha and Raghu, I had an amazing time with you. You guys are awesome :)