Mugdha and Darshan | Wedding photographer Pune

December’s are always busy with lots of weddings. It’s a crazy ride from one wedding in the morning to the next wedding in the evening. It takes around a month for me to begin editing these pictures. Memories flood my mind when I see my couples enjoying their wedding day and I feel elated to be there and becoming a part of their journey. If one see’s this as a simple wedding day with same rituals and same functions. But for me, each wedding becomes different because of the people in it. Because of smiles, laughter & joy they bring to their day. It’s because of their family and friends who join their celebrations and share their love.

This wedding was the first one of a packed winter season of 2014. They both are architects and know each other from their college years. Darshan is such a fun loving guy! He actually had time of his life during the wedding. So much of energy! Mugdha wasn’t far behind. They both enjoyed their day thoroughly. I guess that’s a key to enjoy your day. RElax, have fun. Cause this is the most important day of your life. Their friends were around from “Simanti poojan” and made sure they had a great time. There so was much of joy, laughter and jokes being cracked! Everyone was having.

After the Oscar’s the “selfie” is a super hit at weddings. Every wedding I document, I see people taking selfies. It’s time we make a entirely new post for selfies ;)

I had a wonderful time photographing Mugdha and Darshan’s wedding. I am sure you’ll enjoy the images and have a smile across your face as you go through them.

A super thanks to the two of them for having me over to document their wedding day.

Location – Kohinoor Mangal Karyala, Karve rd. Pune