Kids photography Pune | Thread Ceremony | Chirayu

Chiryau’s thread ceremony or Munja was held in Nashik which is his mothers hometown. I met his parents, his kid sister Riya, grandparents and cousins on the day of the get together. I was to cover the get together and the thread ceremony which was to be on the next day. The whole family had come down to India for holiday after 5 years. So it was a grand affair with loads of people and a huge re-union. Sachin and Netra, Chirayu’s parents are an amazing couple and wonderful parents. The way the managed the event, with everyone around and specially their kids who probably aren’t used to having a huge crowd looking forward to meet them all at once. I truly admire Sachin for his patience right through the entire thread ceremony, explaining Chiryau all the rituals in a simple way and kept his spirits up when he was bored or had a sense of fright. Lots of laughter, lots of fun and a little bit of tears. Chirayu, thumbs up to your spirit to go through the entire ordeal and end of it enjoying it thoroughly.

I enjoyed both the days. A huge shout out as always to the entire family for treating me as on of them and sharing with me your wonderful day.


“My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Girish. He photographed us back in 2013. He is so effortless and easy to work with, and just has a knack for capturing real emotion, in-the-moment happiness.My two young children are always very quiet and shy when it comes to take pictures.He captured so many beautiful pictures and I can feel the feeling I had at that exact moment when I look at them.

We didn’t feel posed at all and everything just felt so natural – the end results looked that way too. He gets the natural and candid photos. We wanted images of us – and our family & friends – laughing, wiping away tears, making silly faces, eating, dancing and expressing happiness, and that is precisely what he gave us. And we thank you forever for capturing our day .

He also has a wonderful personality and is able to make you feel comfortable to talk and at ease.

Girish has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is incredibly professional, timely, attentive, and accommodating.”