Tejaswini and Pankaj | Candid wedding photographer Pune

They fell in love and got engaged while studying in United states and decided to get married back in Pune where Tejaswini’s parents have their home. Another fusion wedding for me. Tejaswini is a Maharashtrian and Pankaj hails from the north of India. The wedding saw a mix of Marathi and Hindi rituals.

Early morning of the wedding we took a some portraits before these two got busy in wedding rituals. Pankaj happened to tell me Tejaswini wants to travel across the world in as many places as possible and get married in each and every country to go to. They were traveling to Frances for their honeymoon, what better place to start your travel plans, Tejaswini!

During Mangalashtka, while the groom and bride exchanged gaarlands the pyro fire spray amazed everyone, including me. I’d never one in a indoor wedding! Must say it was outstanding and created some beautiful light. Luckily I got some portraits of Tejaswini.