Baby Photography Pune | Arnav

I know it’s not right to choose favorites, but this would probably be one of of those for me. Portraits of Arnav with his parents, cake smash & a birthday party.

We became friends right from the day when I met them for pre-shoot consultation. Had such a great time photographing him. The day of the shoot began while he sat in his chair attentively listening to his mom as she fed him. Then began the laughter and giggled packed photo session with another rockstar :D. We met again in the evening for his birthday party and a few photographs with his grandparents & aunts.

It was our son Arnav’s 1st bday 1st Kiss 1st hug 1st step 1st hold 1st word everything for the 1st time has a very special place in our hearts.So does Girish Joshi. He holds a very important place in our hearts as he froze for us the most beautiful moments of our baby when he turned 1yr old ?.
We can never thank him enough as he helped us to create the most beautiful memory and everytime we see the photo album those moments come alive and take us back the memory lane.A big thank you to Girish Joshi for all the patience as capturing babies n kids is the toughest thing ? but he managed to do it very naturally.For beautiful capture the photographer needs to connect n bond with t baby n girish can do it very well.”  ~
Highly Recommended By Ranjit N Preity Kotwal ??