Amruta and Mandar | Pre wedding shoot | Wedding photographer Pune

Mumbai girl and a Pune boy. Different cities, different lives. Love knows no boundaries is absolutely true in their story. They met through common friends in a party and since then it’s a love-ride. She is a graphic designer while he talks in techie terms. Opposite attract and so have they. He is an absolute Pula Deshpande fan while she is in love with Mumbai(who isn’t). Being foodies & lots of common ties we hit it like old friends.

We met early morning before sunrise and headed towards one of my favorite places for pre wedding shoots; Mulshi! Nature, greenery and landscapes with beautiful winter weather. Absolutely love that location.

Super thank you for being so awesome that two of you are. We stopped at so many places and they were as excited as I was. Hike up, down, walk on stones, standing in the middle of the road and giggling and making it so easy for me to make wonderful images.

Wedding pictures are right around the corner! link will be here, soon!