Amruta and Mandar | Candid wedding photographer Pune

Very excited to share this wedding! I’d such incredible time with them during their couples session, I was waiting for the day to arrive. Amruta looked elegant and extremely beautiful! I always ask my brides to go for a getting ready session. It’s an amazing exprerience for them to watch these pictures later on. I got an oppurtunity to work with Kavita Koparkar after an year or so at her new studio (if you haven’t been there, you should!). While she did her magic on Amruta, I was taking pictures. As I had expcted the day was filled with laugther. Mandar with his witty comments made every one laght whole heartedly. While we rushed to cover a ritual where the bride and the groom take Sun’s blessing Mandar was at his best. Cracking PuLa Despande’s jokes and making Amurta laugh. It’s becomes so easy to get memorable images when the bride and groom are relaxed and having a blast!

“Ukhana” is a integral part of a Marathi wedding. This is also a part where all real fun is. Elders, aunts, grannies are waiting for this moment eager to hear what new “ukhanas” have the bride and groom got. All the bride needs to do is to rhyme and use the groom’s name in the end and say it aloud! Sometimes we have the funny ones and at times they touch your heart. After the wedding, before the cake could be cut (beautifully decorated cake!) it was “ukhana” time again. Mandar stealthily took out a piece of paper where he had written down a few ukhanas. Somehow he managed to byheart one of them and saved the day!

There’s a big smile on across my face as I write this post, remembering all the fun we had during their couples session & wedding. A huge shoutout to Amruta and Mandar for having me over to document your love story and sharing with me these precious moments of your life

Location – HariPriya Mangal Karyalaya, Sinhaghad rd. Pune / Make up artist – Kavita Koparkar