Anujna & Vincent’s intimate wedding with irani chai, samosas and danny

It began with a whatsapp text at 1am telling me that she is getting married!!
Anujna & Vincent got married at the Pune marriage registrar’s office and then we all walked over to the irani café just down the cross roads for chai and samosas. It happened to be the same place where her father & mother visited almost 30 years ago when they were married at the same registrar’s office.
Then meeting Danny her loving German shepherd who took a bite of her earring :P (true love’s first bite I guess heheh) seeing his mumma after long all day! was the icing on the cake.

We gulped down the samosas and headed to Anujna’s home where the rest of the family and close friends were gathered to welcome the newly weds. After warm hugs, blessings and a hearty traditional Marathi lunch three of us headed off to the place we fondly call The Mud-house. Anujna has designed this organic and true to nature house. The two finally got time for themselves.

I’m truly thankful to Anujna for trusting in me to create photos for her. But more than that for letting me be with her and Vincent during the entire day.
(I know she won’t like me saying thanks but it does mean a lot!)

You can have a look at Anujna’s work here MatiMol

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