Hello. I’m Girish. I’m father to adorable baby girl Kaveri who’ll soon turn 4. I am married to my awesome wife Deepa since 12 years. Her unconditional support is why I’m able to do what I love. She is my biggest fan and my biggest critic. We call Pune our home. Mumbai is first home. When I’m not photographing I am spending time with my girls.

I started photography as a hobby with a point and shoot that Deepa gave as a gift. I took that camera everywhere. Photographing everything I could. I took a lot pictures, good and bad. It taught me a lot. While learning different aspects of photography I found myself to be good at telling stories. Meeting people, families, toddlers, couples, photographing weddings is something I would be immersed into. To be a part of their life and to wait for those magical moments to happen and to photograph them I learnt how to create stories. It taught me how to tell “Your” story through my camera.

My approach is to keep it simple, honest and real. It’s a mix of photo-journalism and creating art. I’ll photograph everything that happens around me. Those fleeting moments that won’t happen again, but are most important to you. I’ll be your photographer and your friend whom you can trust. I have an unobtrusive approach and let events unfold around me. I always strive hard to make artistic and compelling imagery that you will cherish forever and create pictures that become a visual legacy for a lifetime.

A little trivia about me, I am an avid gamer, love watching animated movies, scribbling on a paper, I miss my G.I.Joe and He-Man figurines. Pizza and espresso, anytime. In recent times you’ll find me in the kitchen learning a thing or two. I am a big Star wars, Lord of the rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and tons of animated movies fan. I’m always listening to Music. I’ve been a rock, heavy metal fan for years. Football is a game close to my heart. I’ve been a gunner for long time. But last few years I watch it for the game and the passion the players bring to it.

That’s quite a lot about me. I would love to hear from you. Your story, your wedding day plans and what ticks you when it comes to photography.

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Your wedding day is all about you and how you want it to be. I always strive hard to make artistic and compelling imagery that you will cherish forever. I create images that you would treasure. For me your wedding is the most important thing. It’s important that you are relaxed and You enjoy every moment cause the day is going to be very busy and go by faster than you think. Be assured that I am going to photograph Your day for you to remember forever.

For me wedding coverage is all about capturing your wedding day in the best possible way. By being there all day, I get the moments that happen through the day. I cover not only the key events but everything that happens in between. A bride getting ready, a groom sharing a joke with his friends, an emotional moment when father & mother watch their daughter taking pheras, moments during the ceremonies, those stolen glances, the buzz, shouts, laughter and many more of such memories that are part of Your day. I won’t rush you for a photograph, no need to have a mock ritual or fake a smile during ceremonies. Being unobtrusive, I let the events unfold around me, while I take photographs in a creative & artful way.

Every story is different and to document real life in a creative and artful way motivates me every day

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Kids and Family Photography Pune | Girish Joshi


It’s about capturing those incredible moments in your family, the small and the big ones, the smiles, the giggles and the moments of love and care that make your family special. I strive to keep these sessions full of fun and very relaxed. There is a lot of running around, cuddling, jumping, laughing and doing everything that you like and enjoy as a family. I encourage children to run around and have fun and be silly and mainly let them be “children”.

I let Mom & Dad be together and watch their kids play and spend some time together while I take photographs that are unique, beautiful and genuine that you will treasure forever. Family photo sessions are a perfect way to capture those precious times as a family. All you have to do is relax & have fun while I take pictures.

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Can’t wait to hear from you.